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After years of working in the fitness and nutrition industry, we believe that there is a better way of doing things!  One that focuses on the individual’s goals, meeting them where they are at, and helping to work with them day by day towards their best selves.  We do not like to place limitless on anyone’s ability, but believe that with the right coaches, the right plan, and the right community, we can make a difference!

Brandon O’Connell – Head Coach

I grew up the undersized kid in every sport from the high school kid with the talent, but not the genetic superiority to the young fighter with limitless potential, but little guidance.  Though I excelled in sports and I was fortunate enough to work for the United States government in various security and law enforcement positions, I still struggle with fear, fear of true strength.  Strength is not always measured in how many kilos you lift or how many total yards rushed for, but more about putting yourself in the best position to be the best you with your nutrition and exercise as a platform. We are not here to sell you some bull shit program or pill that can make you lift more weight or lose weight more efficiently. My job is to build your mental capacity through physical demands that allow you to excel as individuals. I do not care to only produce the best athletes or fighter, but I also want to produce the best mother, father, husband, wife, son or daughter.

This company to me is not some new way to say if you do this you will magically get stronger, faster, or healthier. Instead, I want to build your body through your mind to prepare you for any stage of life. One thing I am continually reminded of is that mentality shapes the person. No two fighters, athletes, soldiers, moms, dads, or kids are ever the same. Every person responds differently to different stimulus. I have had the opportunity to work along side many great athletes and coaches spanning from Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Cross fit, Gymnastics, Running, Cycling, Football, Basketball, Martial arts, Military, Law Enforcement, and Track and field.  Over the last few years I have been in the CrossFit community and mixed martial arts community both as a coach and an advisor.  Still to this date, the biggest success I have ever had was when a client in his mid-50’s who had a massive heart attack tells me he out swam his son in law on vacation or when another client, a mom in her thirties, who  after two children finally got the confidence to wear a bathing suit.  I look at success in all athletes whether it is obtaining Olympic gold or simply feeling better about yourself!

Email me: hello@limitlesstrainingfacility.com 

Hannah Pruitt – Dietitian/Coach

When I meet someone for the first time and they say something like, “what do you do for a living?” and I share that I am a dietitian, I am either met with enthusiasm or that “uh-oh” face.  You see nutrition is the one thing we all have in common, but for most people it can be one of the hardest things to talk about.  I believe that everyone truly desires to have a balanced intake and find peace with themselves.  There are hundreds of diets out there and I do not believe in a diet!  Everyone has different color hair, heights, weights, lifestyles, genetic components, and more!  To take one diet and try to conform it to meet everyone’s needs results in failure.  You are not failing; the information you have been provided is failing you! I am registered and licensed dietitian with two bachelor degrees and a master’s degree.  What does this mean exactly?  People sometimes assume that a nutritionist or fitness enthusiast who claims to be able to help you with your nutrition goals has the proper experience and education.  As a registered and licensed dietitian, I uphold the standards set by the national governing body and I am required to continually pursue further education to maintain up to date nutrition knowledge.  I follow sound science and grounded recommendations that are backed by years of research and testing – not what I think works for me!  I do not believe in fad diets, meal replacements, or the need to use supplements as a crutch to meet your nutrition goals. I firmly believe behind sound science and research studies that your goals can be reached through food! I believe that each person’s nutrition needs are as unique as they are and cannot be conformed to a “diet.” 

So what do I do?  I use my education, credentials, and professional experience to create individualized nutrition and meal plans based solely on YOU.  I do not give you a “diet,” but create a plan that fits your lifestyle that can be a lasting change.  I desire to create a lasting relationship with you where we work one on one to attain your nutrition goals and also work to find peace with food.  I have worked with National Champion football players, MMA athletes, UFC fighters, elite runners, regional CrossFit athletes, college athletes, and more.  Though I have experience in sports nutrition, I also help individuals with every day challenges such as how to shop for groceries, establishing a balance intake, finding a meal plan that works right for them, and more! 

Email me: hello@limitlesstrainingfacility.com

Let’s build something together.

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