Nutrition, diets, supplements… All these words seem to get thrown around often. It can be hard to know what works best for YOU! You are one in your own and there is no one else in this world like you! Your nutrition should match that!

I am a registered dietitian with two bachelor degrees and a master’s degree in medical dietetics. My goal is to help you establish a meal plan that is based on your needs and your health conditions. I do not believe in diets or weight supplements, but about helping you work towards balanced nutrition.

Nutrition Program:

So how does this work? Reach out to me below or on our contact page to let me know more about you! I will have you complete a nutrition assessment to gather pertinent information about you. You and I will work together to establish a meal plan that incorporates foods that you like while being respectful of your lifestyle. Once this is set up, I will encourage you to join our monthly membership.

In the monthly membership, l check in with you once a week through our app and online program.  You will have an assigned check in day where I will reach out to you to provide feedback on your food log, weigh in, and answer any concerns or questions you have for the week.  For example, if you and I agree on Tuesday as your check in day, you will receive a notification that day to complete your weekly check in. You will have 24 hours to fill out the needed information (your check in will guide you through this process). We will give you all the help and tools needed to ensure you are able to log your progress so do not worry if this seems confusing or overwhelming at first!

In addition, to receiving your weekly feedback, you will also have access to our community and resources including nutrition education, recipes/meal ideas to add to your plan, workout routines, weekly motivational texts, monthly newsletter, and the ability to interact with your coach and other clients anytime you want.

You will have access to me by email and through the app any time for questions or concerns.


Nutrition and meal plan: $200

Monthly membership: $75

*Recommend a three month commit for us to help you establish your plan and ensure you are on track for success!


Need time with a dietitian? No problem! We will meet with you to discuss your nutrition goals and any help you need!  We can meet you in your area or at your home!

We love the opportunity to come to your home to not only provide nutrition counseling, but also to go through your pantry!  Ok, ok it is not that scary!  We promise to help you establish a kitchen that will set you up for success.  During this time we will also discuss your current nutrition and ways to improve.


This is our favorite thing to do! Would you like us to come to your gym, business, etc. to give a 45 min – 1 hour information session?  Reach out and we are there!

What People Say

“Hannah has helped me a lot since I’ve become a member. The best part about is she works around any schedule. If you are a picky eater than can work around that as well, they are able to work with you in foods you don’t like. She are awesome and very friendly.”

– David

“I’ve been working out routinely for the last 6 years, but had plateaued. When I met Hannah, I was skeptical that it would make a big difference because I had tried to “eat right” for years. The personalized plan Hannah put together for me not only fits my daily schedule but has gotten me over that “plateau”.

– Andrew

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Hannah! I was immediately impressed by how she listened to me and tailored my plan to meet my individual needs. I have a history of disordered eating and she was very sensitive to my needs. Hannah’s meal plans were a breeze to follow and full of foods I loved eating, so I had no trouble staying on track.

– Carrie

Let’s build something together.

118 Hedge Street, Simpsonville, SC 29681

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