We are all about keeping things simple.  If you have checked out our rates and you’re thinking what does that cover.  It covers everything! Below is our schedule class times, open gym times, and upcoming events. Each class last one hour. Come on in to any class at any time. If you are wanting to do your own thing that day or not able to do the class at the given times, check out our open gym times.  In addition to this we like to offer extra classes, including in your membership cost, to help our members work on areas they are new to or want more help with.  We are all about growing together so if you are looking for something that is not listed below, reach out! 

** If you would like the 5 or 6 am time slots, please just let us know and we are more than willing to start these up!

Let’s build something together.

118 Hedge Street, Simpsonville, SC 29681

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